Profile & Professional Services

Terra Tectonics design group, Inc. has been In business since 1992 (FL00254). Over the past 25 years we have established a reputation for thoughtful original design, superior service, trustworthy business practices and strict attention to detail, led by our guiding principal Jonathan H. Toner, RLA, ISA, Florida Licensed Landscape Architect and ISA Certified Arborist.  Our office is located in Clearwater, Florida, easily accessible from anywhere in Pinellas County, Pasco County, Downtown Tampa, West Shore business district, St. Petersburg, Sarasota and Orlando.

We are proud to combine both the Art and Science of Landscape Architecture within our variety of projects. Regardless of the size of your project, Terra Tectonics will develop a personal and practical approach to successfully achieve your goals on schedule

Landscape Architecture:
Landscape Architecture encompasses the analysis, planning, design, management, and stewardship of the natural and built environments.  Our specific Services include Site Analysis Master Site Planning, Pedestrian Circulation Movements, and Site Usage and Capabilities Development of Usage Plans and Application of Technology such as CADD Files and Engineering, to the natural environment to blend the existing to the proposed desired usage.

Urban Design:
We view it as the application of Landscape Architecture to the urban environment. This typically involved tools and materials such as blending of community and pedestrian needs to traffic and public space management. Elements of this process can include decorative paving, lighting, benches and furniture, fountains, plantings, walls and fences, public art, open space planning for events and markets.

Planting Design:
We apply planting design to the framework of hardscape planning. We typically use a palette of native plantings with accents of ornamentals. We prefer this blend to allow for sustainability and to allow for responsible landscape management. Plans are developed either by hand or on CADD, and final production plans are CADD produced and can be delivered digitally for our clients’ convenience.

Irrigation Design:
We are unique in the LA profession as being one of only a few firms to do irrigation design in-house. We feel it gives the client a much better product, and it keeps us linked to trends in the industry, rather than relying on a subcontractor for this important service. We can deliver plans which are better coordinated and our clients can ask us, rather than us having to delay communication, waiting on an answer from a subcontractor.

ISA-Certified Arborists:
We are trained and ISA-Certified (International Society of Arboriculture) to provide existing tree assessments, both for construction protection and for decisions relating to saving or removing trees. This is a valuable service to our clients as municipalities are requesting ISA-Certified arborist services for projects with existing trees on them. We keep up to date with University of Florida IFAS data, as well as training for our CEU’s several times a year, to maintain our Certifications.

FDOT- Pre-qualified Vendor:
We are a pre-qualified Prime Vendor to provide 15.0 Landscape Architectural Services. We are fully involved in FDOT type projects with Microstation-Cadd capabilities.  We are familiar with electronic file submission as well as the FDOT Plans Preparation Manual.

 Other types of projects include: residential; parks and recreation; monuments; urban design; streetscapes and public spaces; transportation corridors and facilities; gardens and arboreta; security design; hospitality and resorts; institutional; academic campuses; therapeutic gardens; historic preservation and restoration; reclamation; conservation; corporate and commercial; landscape art and earth sculpture; interior landscapes; and more.