The project was a re-build of an existing school from the 1950's. Jonathan Toner's Alma Mater was Lynch so it was an exciting honor for him to be on the project. Terra Tectonics designed the hardscape plan for the site. Featuring the courtyard with a butterfly garden as a welcoming and greeting area for teachers parents and students. We installed a large gathering tree at one end to be used as a signature gathering area. The trees were chosen to flower during the school year. The site was planted with Florida Friendly native plantings with a Terra Tectonics designed efficient irrigation system, including a weather station controller to maximize watering efficiency.

SCOPE: Site Planning, sports field layouts, hardscape concept designs, planting plans, irrigation plans, butterfly garden design


YEAR: 2010

butterfly weed

purple tabebuia

yellow bulbine


scarlet rose mallow


LOCATION: St. Petersburg, Florida